You’ve Bought Your New Home…Now What?!

After all the work that lead you to this moment, it’s finally here: you are a homeowner! You’ve taken the steps in connecting utilities, switching your address, and prepared for your first 24 hours in your new space- and now it’s time to settle in.

Now that the home is officially yours, you may become suddenly overwhelmed or anxious thinking about what’s next. Before, your days were filled with packing, negotiations, paperwork, viewings, inspections, more packing…and now you have your empty home, ready for anything! While there will be more packing and unpacking, below are a few things most people tend to do after buying their new home!


Get to Know Your Home

Now is a great time to get to know the working parts of your home. Check out your circuit box and ensure everything is labelled, make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have full batteries, and no lightbulbs are burned out. It’s better to get to know these things now rather than be scrambling if there is an emergency!

Figure Out How You Want To Set Up

We’re sure you’ve explored your home and envisioned yourself there, but with everything gone, it’s a great time to figure out your space. You can go into each room and begin mapping out the furniture layout, purpose for each room, and make a list of what you may need for each room. This is also a great time to begin painting, and do a deep clean, as there’s no furniture you need to move out of the way!

Create A List

It can be both incredibly exciting and incredibly overwhelming to think about all the things you can do and have to be done to your new home. A great way to organize all the tasks is to create a list of each thing to be done. You can then go through and either create a schedule or categorize them into lower and higher-priority tasks, but either way, take it one day at a time!

Tip: You can use your inspection write-up as a helpful guide on what needs to be done. 

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