Tips For Buying Your Home in The Summer

Summer is here, and with that, great deals on houses. Moving boxes in the summer heat probably is not your first choice if you're looking to move. However, for your wallet, it may be the best bargain! Below are a few more tips on buying your home this summer.

Hold Out Until the End of Summer

Typically, August is widely regarded as a great month to buy a home. However, that doesn't mean that August 1st is when you should start preparing! As you go through the summer, keep an eye out and work with your realtor to set up viewings. If none seem like your perfect fit- don't settle! You will find your dream home. Keep your hopes up, and know what is most important to you in your home.

Know What You Want

Knowing what you want is half the battle. It's good to create a list of non-negotiable things, things that you want but could live without, and things that would be nice, but are by no means a necessity. Whether you are buying your house solo or with somebody, it is important that everyone involved has a list like this. Having a list of tangible likes and dislikes allows for more clear communication with your real estate agent, and can help you narrow down which houses you view.

Have a Great Realtor

 Of course, the best thing to do to prepare to buy your home is to have a great realtor. You want someone who will show you the type of home you want, advocate for you, and be entirely honest with you. Of course, you should also have a real estate agent who is responsive, knowledgeable about the area, and experienced! This may seem overwhelming, but rest easy; Sierra Crest Real Estate is your premier real estate agency. Our agents are knowledgeable, honest, and make sure you get the best deal.

We proudly show homes in June Lake and the surrounding communities. To get started in finding your perfect home, please call us at 760-648-7304!

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