Signs You’ve Picked A Great Real Estate Agent

Picking a great real estate agent is the first step of your exciting journey into buying a new home. Having an agent who goes above and beyond for you, understands your wants, and can come up with suggestions you love is a great way to ensure you get the best of the best and your experience runs smoothly.

Below are some key signs you picked a fantastic real estate agent.

They Are Unequivocally Honest

Honesty between you and your agent is imperative to ensuring everyone is happy. You want an agent who is unafraid to give honest thoughts and insight; often, their insight comes from learning your needs and prior experience.

Honesty is crucial, but it is equally crucial that there is an accepting environment. If your real estate agent makes you feel like you can't give your honest opinion, is dismissive or rude under the guise of honesty, or lies to you, it's time to reconsider ASAP. A good agent will value your honesty, and give theirs thoughtfully and respectfully!


You Get Along Well

We aren't saying that you and your agent need to be best friends, but it is important to consider that you will spend a lot of time together. This time will include many personal discussions of things such as: finances, employment, and if your home should be big enough to accommodate a growing family. You and your agent will likely also have an open conversation about areas of compromise. Each one looks different, but some common ones are about budget, what features are necessary, location, and size.  

Having an agent you get along with, and is honest with you, makes these conversations much easier and gives you all the more reason to trust their suggestions!


They Are Considerate In Every Area

Your agent should be considerate of any boundaries you set regarding the aforementioned areas of compromise. Your agent shouldn't push you far outside your boundaries and suggest a wildly above-budget home or a home with none of your required features. A great agent will understand your needs and wants and, using their expertise, suggest homes that may fall outside what you envision. 

Being considerate of you and your needs also includes being considerate of your time. Your agent should always be responsive and show up on time (if not early!). If your agent unreasonably pushes your home-buying boundaries, consistently doesn't return calls or texts, and is always late, it is time to find a new agent.

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