2023 Home Décor Trends

Whether you implement them or not, knowing what the current trends are is always fun! While trends certainly change often, there are always some common themes that remain. Below are some of the top 2023 home décor trends!

Natural Elements

For many, home is a place for serenity and peacefulness. As such, more homeowners have begun incorporating natural elements. Often going hand-in-hand with a bohemian style, this is typically seen with:

  • Plants everywhere (fake plants work, too!).
  • Wooden elements.
  • Nature-themed wallpaper.
  • Warm whites, sage green, and browns.
  • Burlap elements.


Some feel most at home when expressing themselves with unique trinkets and vibrant colors. A trend from Victorian times, maximalism is typically seen with unique elements, typically from thrift or consignment shops, in addition to:

  • Floor lighting instead of overhead lighting.
  • Velvet.
  • Jewel tones, vibrant colors, and mustard yellows.
  • Plants.
  • Gallery walls and trinkets.

Tip: a main element of maximalism is that it is curated, not cluttered.

Mid-Century Modern

With more 1960s elements coming back in style across all areas, it’s no surprise that mid-century modern is, too! While many yearn for the unfeasible conversation pit, some other elements you can readily incorporate are:

  • Clean lines.
  • Oranges, blues, and greens.
  • Teak.
  • Geometric elements.
  • Selective pops of color.


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